Hi!  My name is Nick Bourland and welcome to my blog.


Among other things, I am a newly aspiring novelist and this blog is dedicated to the exposure, explanation, and development of my inaugural project in the world of fictional literature.  My intent is to interact with you, my readers, on a very personal level to garner enthusiasm, support, and honest criticism of the story that has, after over ten years, resurfaced in my mind, demanding to a voice.

Note on Content

Everything you read here is, for all intents and purposes, a work in progress.  Comments on the story’s content and flow, similarities and/or parallels to other literary works, how it makes you feel (or not feel), and overall draw to the characters and plot are most welcome.  I’d prefer to shy away from comments focusing solely on grammatical issues, however, as my true concern is whether I’m connecting with you or not  – the assumption being that all technical flaws will be remedied in the final version.

I encourage and welcome the sharing of this story with as many as you think will be interested, however, I prefer that potential readers be directed here via link or word of mouth, as opposed to having the text herein posted elsewhere without my knowledge.  This story is my own original creation and, in being posted here, is protected under applicable copyright laws.

About Me

At the time of this posting, I am 33 years old. Over 11 of my years I have spent married to my amazing wife, Anna, who remains my constant rock, catalyst, and refuge – I hope that, one day, I may deserve the richness she has brought to my life. I am also the father of two wonderful children, my 7 year old son, Aidan, and my 4 year old daughter, Scarlet.

I have always enjoyed writing but never fancied myself particularly good at it (at least not in the creative sense) until recently, when I came to the realization that, in the many years since I first began this story, life has provided me with infinite growth in the understanding of human emotions and thoughts, which I’ve learned are comprised of neither black or white but myriad shades of gray. I also enjoy composing and performing music of most varieties and working in various mediums of fine artistic expression, including oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting, though I tend to favor the more tactile use of pastels and pencils.

I adore the intrinsic beauty of the less bothered parts of the world – the effortless perfection of the forests, fields, and mountains that surround us if we but stop to consider them. I often feel a sense of guilt over progress and the way it has changed the face of our world, however, I am a practical member of society. I do what I can to preserve our environment, but I balance that with this recognition: each second spent fussing over things I cannot control is a second spent away from my family and other pursuits, through which I am far more likely to make a lasting contribution.

Finally, I confess myself a sinner. I am imperfect in every conceivable way, broken and innately selfish. Only in the hope of the message of Jesus Christ do I find my worth. I confess myself embarrassed at the way I myself and others donning the banner of Christianity have behaved towards our fellows. Now, I seek to remedy this through the honest acceptance of and care for those around me, for in this, the truth of Christ’s message is expressed – he loved unconditionally and judged not. I pray that some small portion of what I do on this earth helps to impress this truth upon those around me, that they might share in the peace I have found therein.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!

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