Chapter 8: Hero

The outraged cries of the pack echoed against the shaft’s walls, giving a sense that they were still behind us in pursuit.  Krista remained huddled against the front of the cart, her head buried in her arms.  Her skin was so pale it seemed almost translucent in the dull purple glow.  I knelt down beside her and put my arm around her shoulders, but I knew it would take awhile for the shock to wear off.

In all honesty, I was a little shocked myself.  What the hell were those things?  For as long as I’d been in these mines, I’d never seen or even heard of anything like them before.  Their murderous angular faces were burned into my memory like a recurring nightmare.

As our journey back wore on, I could hardly believe this same stretch of track had seemed peaceful – even pleasant – just hours ago.  I went into a sort of trance, replaying the struggle with the wolves and our narrow escape over and over.  My muscles tensed instinctively as they remembered each motion in sequence.

We were lucky.  What if one of them would have gotten past me?  What if we hadn’t made it to the cart in time? The thoughts made me shiver.

Exhaustion washed over me.  The cart clinked away against the track steadily for several more minutes, setting a tempo for the stream of images in my mind.  I nearly fell asleep despite the lingering stress that permeated my body, but then something broke through the cycle.

The howling from down the shaft had nearly passed beyond recognition just moments ago, but now, it seemed to be growing closer again.  I looked up over the side of the cart, making sure we were still heading the same direction.  Sure enough, the cart was still progressing at a deliberate pace back to the station, but the howling continued to intensify, becoming intermingled with the distinct sound of human screams as we drew nearer to our destination.

The shaft opened around us to a scene of utter chaos.  Both Guardsmen and miners were scattering in every direction, terror and abandon plain in their voices.  Amidst the commotion, I spotted the reason for the panic – several of the wolf-creatures had found their way into the station and were now ripping through the crowd, mercilessly slaughtering everyone within reach.

Everything was happening so quickly that I was at a loss for where to start.  I didn’t want to leave Krista alone but I couldn’t leave my fellows to fall in the onslaught either.

“Krista”, I said in a calm but hurried voice, “lay flat and be as quiet as you can!  I’ll come back for you.”

The terror was plain in her ghost-white face, but I could see she understood.  She bit her lip, nodded quickly back to me, and sunk to the floor of the cart.

The second the cart stopped at the station, I was flying across the room, both arms shimmering with brilliant sapphire light, toward the nearest of the wolves.

“LOOK OUT!!!” I shouted at the miners closest to me.

They glanced up quickly, turning to run, but then looked back at me as if they could hardly believe their eyes.  As soon as they were clear, I let fly a bolt from my right arm, sending the wolf into a tangled heap several feet back.

The light was flowing through me now with almost second nature.  I pummeled through the room, feeling more like a finely tuned machine than a mere man.  Most of the beasts were too preoccupied with their intended prey to even see me coming, and so, one by one, I dispatched them with ease.

At the front of the cavern, near the suspension bridge, I saw two Guardsmen struggling to fend off one of the beasts with their batons.  They landed blow after blow, but the charge that was unbearable to humans seemed to have no effect on it.  I struggled within myself for a moment, torn as to whether I should help them.

Once it finishes them, it’ll just move on to someone else.

That settled it.  I made a line for the creature, yelling at the Guardsmen to get out of the way.  The man on the right heeded my warning and dove aside, but the other looked on me with derision.

“Stay outta this, you freak!  I don’t want your help!” he shouted back.

Arrogant swine.

The beast was completely focused on him now, allowing the other Guardsman to crawl away to relative safety.

”Come on, move!!!” I shouted.  I knew that a bolt sent at the creature at the wrong angle would rip right through it and kill him as well, but every time I had a clear shot, he moved back in my way.

Behind me, a woman’s shrill scream pierced through the clamor.  The Guardsman lost focus for a split-second, looking toward the station, but the brief lapse in his defenses was all the creature needed.  In another moment, the wolf tore him apart as he screamed in agony.  I fired off a perfectly aimed bolt and sent the beast flying off the ledge.

The woman screamed again and fear gripped me like a vice – Krista!  I set off in that instant, running with blinding speed across the cavern to the station.  Two wolves were closing in on the cart at the far left end.  I uttered a high growl as I raced toward them, casting bolts rhythmically as I went.  Right, left, right again, but they fell maddeningly short.

The beasts were nearly on Krista now and the distance between us was still too great.  I dug into the ground with every stride, demanding my legs to carry me faster, but they protested, threatening to give way under the tremendous stress.

“NO!”  I shouted.  Fire was burning through my veins now.  My arms streaked back and forth at my sides, filled with blazing red embers.  The sensation spread through my entire body and then something happened.  Suddenly, all was quiet around me. I felt light as a feather as I overtook the creatures in one effortless burst of speed, piercing straight through them and setting them ablaze.  I glided back around to face them and I watched, incredulous, as they dissipated to mere piles of ash in seconds.

Krista’s stunned gaze caught me and then the fire was gone.  The burning strands of red that coursed through my veins recoiled abruptly back into my chest and, like the shattering of a glass in a silent room, the commotion of the scene abruptly pierced the quiet.  Krista stood at the edge of the cart, her mouth hanging wide, paralyzed with awe.