Fan of Twilight?

Hi everyone!

It dawned on me recently that just about everyone who’s read my story and enjoyed it has at least one thing in common – they’ve all been fans of the amazing Twilight series.  While the story I’m writing is not an attempt to jump on the vampire bandwagon – in fact, it has nothing to do with vampires – , it does bear a certain resemblance to Twilight, specifically in it’s romantic and sci-fi aspects, that make for a similar read.

As it happens, I began writing this story shortly after having, myself, finished Breaking Dawn, the final book (at least for now) in the Twilight series.  I found a great deal of inspiration in Miss Meyer’s writing style, which masterfully juxtaposes the things we truly feel with the things we end up saying because of how we believe others will react.  After gleaning what I could from her example, I felt emboldened to try my hand at fictional writing, and now, here I am, just over a month later, presenting my creative work in it’s infancy to you.

It is my belief that, though we are imperfect, for each of us exists that one individual who will look past that imperfection to accept us just as we are.  That person will be strong where we are weak, hold up our head when we lack the strength to carry on, and, ultimately, complete us if we only lower our defenses to let them in.

My story is about many things, but at it’s core, it is about the unconditional nature of true love and how, once we’ve found it, we come to realize just how desperately empty we were without it.  It is my hope that, as the story of Gray and Krista unfolds, you will realize that, in this one thing – the need to love and be loved – we are all the same.  In love, we are, at once, both human and divine.  This is their story.  I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy bringing it to life.

Thanks so much for reading,