Reader Feedback!

Hi everyone!

I got this bit of feedback via my wife’s Facebook profile today…I’m truly honored 🙂

“whoa….i just read nick’s story and i honestly wish i never started it – because now i’m just WAITING to read the rest of it!!!! ahhh! it is GREAT! it was so visually PERFECT, i mean, i could just see it in movie form or something. it’s got a great sci-fi feel to it…i am anxious to hear what Ethan has to tell Gray!! tell him to post up again…like, NOW! haha

honestly, though, it is great. and you know how much i love to read. i am right in the middle of reading “The Kite Runner” and I haven’t been able to put it down until now, just so I could read Nick’s novel. tell him he is a great writer! and i’m sure you helped in there somewhere, too, so kudos to you as well :)”

Just to give credit where it’s due for a moment, my wife, Anna, has been a constant encouragement and help to me as I write this story. She even helped me set up this blog so I could share it with all of you. I’m truly blessed!